About Creativity

Thoughts from Creativity Researchers & Appliers

“Creativity is whole. It is a common human trait.

Creativity is the opposite of burnout.

It is challenging assumptions, recognizing patterns, seeing in new ways, making connections, seizing on a chance.”

– Ned Herrmann, manager of Management Education for General Electric, developer of Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrumentand the Whole Brain® Thinking Model


“… in my opinion, our creativity is our most valuable personal possession. It helps us build our identity and confidence, it gives us something to share with others and the world, and it maintains our mental health by serving us well during times of great difficulty and stress.

– William “Bill” Nash, Ed.D., Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, Texas A&M University

“Creativity is as important as intelligence, not just in the arts, but in every field.”

– E. Paul Torrance, Ph.D. University of Georgia, was a pioneer in creativity research and education for more than 50 years.

“Ironically, the child has oodles of imagination, but often very little judgment; the adult has oodles of judgment, but often loses the imagination.”

“Sometimes our long-established attitudes prevent us from seeing an opportunity or challenge in a situation. Sometimes it’s hard to realize all challenges we face because we are used to thinking of challenges as conflicts and we tend to blind ourselves to some of our problems in order to feel more comfortable. If we were to reverse the procedure, and think of problems as challenges or opportunities we might be less inclined to ignore so many of them.”

– Sidney Parnes, Ph.D., internationally renowned as an expert on creativity and the founder of the creative studies program at SUNY Buffalo